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There are millions of pounds of benefit not claimed or claimed in error every year in the UK. When you are making a claim, it is important that you fill the application forms in as accurately as possible and provide all the evidence you are asked for.
If you do not provide evidence such as proof of your income, bank statements or your ID your application will usually be delayed or not processed at all.
If you need any help completing application forms please contact us.
Once you are receiving benefits, any changes in circumstances must be notified to who pays your benefit (such as Tax Credits, Housing Benefit office, Pension Service or Department for Work & Pensions). Some changes might include:
  • A partner moving in, or out
  • The birth of a child
  • A child leaving school
  • A change in your income, hours of work, employment or address.
Cestria have a dedicated online benefit calculator at . If you would like to discuss a calculation you have undertaken please contact the Financial Inclusion Team.
This is also available via the Cestria app: download for iPhone or Android.
There are other benefit calculators available online at:
If you would like Cestria Community Housing to complete a benefit entitlement check for you, why not download a Tenancy Benefit Check form. You can either complete it electronically and email it to or post it to us.
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