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Dealing with debt

Borrowing money in one way or another is a fact of life for many of us. If, after completing a budget for your essential spending (such as rent, council tax etc), you are unable to meet your repayments or if your debt has got on top of you then it might be time to seek some help.
Unmanageable debt can put a huge strain on those around you – remember, a debt adviser will not judge you, they will listen to your problems and help you as best they can.
We now offer free, confidential debt support through a partner agency called FISCUS. The debt specialist can provide you with advice and support on dealing with your debts, she can even visit you in your home if you prefer. Appointments are available every Wednesday. To make an appointment, please contact the Financial Inclusion Team on 0191 385 1412.
Dealing with DebtWhy not contact us for further information and details of organisations that can help.
We have listed some online resources for you here:
  • Take a simple debt test 
  • Information and advice on how to deal with debt and where to get help:
  • CAB advice booklet on dealing with debt
  • StepChange debt charity: Free, confidential debt advice online and over the phone & free debt management plans
  • Payplan: – free, confidential advice for people in debt and a no-cost provider of debt management plans
  • Christians Against Poverty: - free, confidential advice for people in debt (please note you do not have to be of Christian faith).
  • Five Lamps - They have debt advisors, as well as offering instant affordable loans.
All of the companies above such as CAB, StepChange Debt Advice Charity, PayPlan and Christians Against Poverty are not-for-profit organisations and therefore do not charge you for receiving debt management advice and support. However, there are fee-charging companies offering similar help, so be sure to consider all of your options.
Click here for a Debt Jargon Buster.
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