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Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is available to tenants to help pay rent and service charges. It does not cover water rates, heating charges or garage rent.

The amount you receive depends on the income and savings that you have as well as those living in your household. If you qualify for Housing Benefit you may also be awarded Council Tax Benefit.

If you are on a low income, are unemployed or in receipt of welfare benefits, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit. You can pick up an application form or make a claim in person at the Cestria Hub. Alternatively you can telephone Durham County Council on 03000 26 2000.

You can use Cestria's dedicated online benefit calculator at which will tell you if you are entitled to tax credits and any other benefits. If you would like to discuss a calculation you have undertaken please contact us. To make an online claim for Housing Benefit with Durham County Council please use the web benefit calculator.

When you are receiving Housing Benefit you must notify the Council if you have a change in circumstances, such as:

  • You or your partners income changes - this could be a change in the number of hours worked or a change in other benefits
  • The number of people living in your home changes - for example after a child is born, someone comes to live with you or someone moves out
  • Your children leave school or college or start working - you will have to provide proof of their income

You must contact the Council of any changes in your circumstances as soon as possible - if you don't, and you get more benefit than you are entitled to, then you will have to repay the money.

If you need help and advice completing your Housing Benefit Application please contact us. We will advise you what documents you require and we can verify your application to the Council.

Cestria Community Housing can complete a benefit entitlement check for you, why not download a Tenancy Benefit Check Form. You can either complete it electronically and email it to or post it to us.

Housing Benefit payments

Cestria Community Housing recommend that you provide all information needed to assess your claim and keep the receipts you will get when handing this in.

Usually, Housing Benefit will be paid directly to Cestria Community Housing. These payments will be credited to your rent account every 4 weeks.