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Rent Arrears

We always adopt a firm but fair approach to rent arrears. It’s your responsibility to make sure rent and service charges are paid on time. If you fall behind on your payments you could ultimately lose your home.

If you are having trouble paying your rent please contact us as soon as possible. We can

  • Give confidential help and advice
  • Make affordable arrangements with you to pay off any arrears
  • Help you with housing benefit and welfare benefit advice
  • Refer you to a specialist debt advice agency

In most cases we will be able to help you, and by taking early action you may be able to avoid court proceedings and extra costs.

If you fall behind with your rent

If you are behind with your rent or fail to keep up any promised payments, we may take legal action to recover the money you owe us. This action will involve the County Court. You may also be responsible for any Court Costs as a result of Court action.

Before we take Court action we will give you at least two weeks notice by serving you with a Notice of Seeking Possession. If we take Court action we will ask the Court for a ‘Possession Order’ that gives us the right to evict you. We may ask for this to be postponed if you agree to pay off the arrears. However if you do have a Possession Order against you, you would will lose important tenancy rights. It is in your interest to avoid court action if at all possible.