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What does the Adaptations Service do?


The service helps disabled people to remain living independently in Cestria's properties by:

  • providing advice including re-housing options. 
  • arranging minor adaptations.
  • working with Durham County Council to provide aids and equipment or arranging for major adaptations to be undertaken. 

Who can receive the service?

Any Cestria Housing tenant who has long-term physical disability, illness or mental impairment which mean that they have difficulties carrying out normal daily activities in their home can be helped (long term meaning it has lasted or is likely to last 12 months or for the remainder of a person's life).

What are aids, equipment and adaptations?

Aids and Equipment include an extensive range of specialist aids and equipment available from Durham County Council to provide you with assistance for bathing, walking, dressing, lifting, cooking and sensory support for any daily function. Examples include a bath seat, raised toilet seat, chair raisers, hoists, etc.

An adaptation is any physical alteration or addition to a building, both internal and external, that improves a person’s independence and use of the property. There are two main types of adaptation:

  1. A Minor adaptation is a smaller adaptation that costs under £1000, this typically includes the provision of grab rails, stair rail, lever taps, external handrails, half steps, etc. Minor adaptations are the responsibility of the Cestria and will be carried out within 28 days. Examples include grab rails, lever taps, banister rail, half steps and handrails.

  2. A Major adaptation is a large adaptation that costs £1000 or more, this typically includes the provision of stairlifts, vertical lifts, wet rooms, level access showers, external ramps, property alterations and extensions. Major adaptations are assessed by an Occupational Therapist and provided by Durham County Council, subject to eligibility criteria, within 3 months of the assessment. Examples include stairlifts, wet rooms, ramps, major structural alterations and building extensions.