Smart approach to noise complaints



Our anti-social behaviour team is getting smart in its bid to tackle noisy neighbours.

Noise app

For now Cestria and Isos tenants can download The Noise App to their smartphones in order to report and record incidents of excessive noise, day or night.

The app is being made available as part of a two-month pilot scheme – and within 24 hours of the scheme’s launch, tenants had started using it to record noise nuisance as it was happening.

Free to download from the App Store for iPhone users, or the Play Store for Android users, the app allows tenants to quickly and easily create an account using the code “342” when asked to enter an investigator / housing provider.

They then complete a simple form that allows them to rate the scale of the disturbance, detail what kind of noise it is and the effect it is having on them.

Crucially, they can also record the disturbance for 30 seconds, before filing a report with Isos or Cestria, and the app is fitted with GPS to pinpoint the exact location of the recording.

The app can be used offline to ensure the noise is captured efficiently, no matter the location or data connection, and it is delivered over a secure and encrypted network meaning that all personal data remains protected.

There’s also the facility to create a “Noise Diary” to track the frequency of the disturbances and review the recordings and once they’ve been uploaded, tenants can receive an in-app notification when their case has been updated by an officer.

Safer Neighbourhoods team leader, Laurie Edmundson, said: “We receive the highest number of complaints from our tenants about noise disturbances than any other form of anti-social behaviour.

“So, by using The Noise App, our tenants can help us respond more quickly to those complaints, plus, we have the added facility of being able to respond directly to the victim via the app to update them about any action we might be taking.

“Since tenants can record the disturbance themselves, it also means we can make better and more efficient use of the traditional noise recording equipment we deploy – there’s often a delay in installing it and it can be on site at a property for up to two weeks.”

Laurie added: “This pilot is all about exploring new ways of using technology, speeding up how we deal with noise complaints and investigations and making it easier for our tenants.

“We would always encourage our tenants to report ASB noise nuisance to us and with the app they can start doing that straight away.”

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