We may not have the largest number of leaseholders compared to many other Housing Associations but we still care about the experiences that you have with us.

Leaseholder services


As a leaseholder, you will be responsible for repairs to items within your home, which are for your use and benefit only e.g.

  • Walls, ceilings and floor including plaster and plaster boards;
  • Light fittings, sockets, bulbs and fuses;
  • Electric showers;
  • Smoke alarms;
  • Kitchen fixtures and fittings;
  • Gas fires and cookers;
  • Internal doors, frames, architraves and skirting boards.

Gas and fire safety

It is your responsibility for your own safety to ensure that your gas appliances are safe and are inspected on an annual basis by a Gas safe registered engineer. You are putting yourself and family members in danger if you do not have your gas appliances regularly checked.

Find a Gas Safe registered engineer


Service charges and ground rent

As a leaseholder you are required to pay a contribution towards things like ground rent and service charges.

Service charge contribution payments cover the costs incurred for providing and maintaining services to the shared parts of the building and the estate, some of these services might include:

  • General maintenance and repairs;
  • Building insurance;
  • Communal heating & lighting;
  • Cleaning;
  • Gardening;
  • Grounds Maintenance;
  • Care taking.

Not all items will be charged to every home, those that you do pay for will be detailed in your lease.

Ground Rent is an annual payment made to the landlord as a condition of the lease and is controlled by legislation. The amount and date for payment is set out within the lease.


You can make payments for your service charges by cheque or postal order. These should be made payable to Cestria Community Housing with your account/document number on the back and posted to us at:

Bowes Offices
Lambton Park
Co Durham

Your leashold questions answered

Can I sub-let my property?

Yes you can sub-let your property however there are a number of things you should be aware of:

  • Before you decide to sub-let your property it is advisable that you contact your mortgage lender to check that the terms of your mortgage will allow this;
  • You must advise Cestria Community Housing of your intention to sub-let as this could have an affect on your building insurance cover;
  • As owner of the property you are still responsible for the Service charges and Ground Rent as well as ensuring that your property has an annual gas safety inspection and up to date CP12 certificate;
  • We will require details of your forwarding correspondence address and emergency contact number;
  • It must be noted that you are responsible for ensuring that your tenants abide by the terms of the lease as we could take action against you as the owner of the property.

Do I need permission from Cestria to sell my home?

No, you do not need permission from us to sell your property.

However, if you bought your home after 18 January 2005 and you want to sell it, under the terms the preserved Right to Buy at the time of purchase, you must first offer it to Cestria Community Housing under the Right of first refusal.

If you purchased the property from Cestria under the Right to Buy scheme, depending on when the purchase was made you may be required to repay some of the discount. For more information on discount repayment please contact us on 0800 587 0001.

I want to buy my flat - what do I do?

If you are considering buying the flat you live in you may be able to do so through the Right to Buy scheme.

If you would like to speak to someone you can contact a member of our Right to Buy team on 0800 587 0001.

Meet the Leasehold team

Susan Welford, Stock Investment Manager

Rachel Tong, Corporate & Stock Investment Assistant


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