Anti-social behaviour

Anti Social Behaviour can have a seriously negative effect on the quality of life of individuals and of entire communities if allowed to continue unchallenged. We have a dedicated team of experienced staff to deal with it. 

Report anti-social behaviour online

We expect all tenants and residents will conduct themselves in a responsible, respectful and neighbourly manner. You are responsible for your children and any visitors to your home and they should conduct themselves in the same manner.

If you are suffering from, or have witnessed anti-social behaviour (ASB) and want to report it we have a dedicated team of experienced and highly trained staff to deal with serious ASB and support victims and witnesses. ASB can include:

  • Excessive noise;
  • Offensive behaviour; 
  • Verbal abuse; 
  • Violence (including threats of violence); 
  • Criminal damage; 
  • Illegal drug cultivation and dealing in addition to other; 
  • Criminal activities;
  • Racial Harassment and Hate Crime;
  • Domestic Abuse.

Phone us about ASB

Tel: 0191 385 1933 or 0191 385 1934

If there is a problem out of hours you can leave a message on the answer machine or e-mail and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively if the problem is urgent you can contact Durham Constabulary on 101.

You should always dial 999 when there is immediate danger or you witness a crime taking place.

Cestria iWitness – gathering evidence for you

iWitness new

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour at any time of the day or night you can use the Cestria iWitness service.

The specially-trained, independent team are on hand 24 hours a day and arrive within approximately 30 minutes of residents calling to report anti-social behaviour.

The team will bring cameras and recording equipment and observe what is happening before producing a detailed report for Cestria by the start of the next working day.

To use the iWitness service contact Cestria on 0191 385 1900.

To find out more, download our iWitness booklet on the right.

How we resolve and prevent ASB


This is conducted by trained and impartial professionals to allow tenants to speak to each other in an informal setting in order to resolve issues between them.

Family intervention plan (FIP)

Family Intervention Plans are useful for families if their children are causing ASB. Support workers will work closely with families to improve parenting skills, ensure children attend school and offer other advice and support to reduce ASB caused by youths. 

Acceptable behaviour contracts (ABC)

These are issued in partnership with Durham County Council and the local Police. The contracts are designed to prohibit individuals from engaging in ASB in the local area and are monitored by multiple agencies to ensure they are being adhered to. 

Good neighbour agreements

These are given to tenants as a further reminder of their responsibilities as a tenant.

Covert CCTV

Used to monitor more serious cases of ASB such as criminal activities. The use of technical equipment often provides invaluable evidence against perpetrators of ASB, which is used in court for possession proceedings and/or legal injunctions, in addition to being passed to police as part of criminal investigations.

Noise monitoring

The use of technical equipment can be installed to record incidents of excessive noise such as loud music, drunken parties or other noise at unreasonable hours of the day and night.

Possession notices

These are legal notices served once other warnings and remedies have failed or been ignored. This is the first legal step in recovering possession of properties from persistent perpetrators of ASB; if incidents continue then the case will be progressed to County Court and heard before a judge.

Antisocial behaviour injunctions

These are served on individuals and prohibit them from engaging in ASB. If breached, these injunctions can be heard at court and individuals may receive a large fine or in serious cases imprisonment.

Tenancy demotion

In appropriate circumstances enforcement action can be taken in cases involving anti-social behaviour which will demote a tenancy to short hold/starter from being fully assured. Suspension of preserved right to buy or right to acquire may be the consequence of action taken in court proceedings related to antisocial behaviour.

Meet your ASB Officer

Gemma Brown, Anti Social Behaviour Officer


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